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About Design/Build


Angler Construction is Houston’s expert Design/Builder. We work hand in hand with the project owner to understand the design requirements and then spearhead the project from beginning to end. Allow us to assemble our experienced team of architects, engineers, consultants, and sub- contractors to solve your construction needs. We will be your single point of contact throughout the entire project while delivering a project that exceeds your expectations.

Design/Build Process

Design/Bid/Build Process

Design/Build Process

Design/Bid/Build Process


Angler Construction spearheads all communication to deliver a successful project. To ensure budgets are met, modifications are made during the design phase versus during the building process.


Visualization Technology

BIM 3D modeling for project visualization provides architectural and construction alignment before construction begins, which significantly reduces the margin for error—project changes occur in the design phase and not in the field. Using this technology speeds up the coordination process across members of the design team.


Stipulated Sum:

In this scenario, the architect and/or engineers are hired by the owners, and we provide a stipulated sum bid based on the plans and other specifications provided. This is the preferred contracting method when minimal variables exist within a project.

Cost Plus Fee:

This service lists that the owner and us agree to a fee and general conditions percentage prior to the completion of an established construction budget. This allows us to work together to evaluate the subcontractors for price, experience, and capabilities. This is the most effective solution when an owner wants a contractor’s input through the design process and subcontractor selection.